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We have a wide variety of fruits for picking through out the growing season, July to December, and adding more all the time. We grow all our fruit using organic practices. Come and bring your family for a GREAT day and enjoy some delicious fruits. We have buckets for you to use or you can bring your own. 

Blueberries      9 varieties                                           July and August

Currants          3 varieties (Red, White, Black)            July

Blackberries    3 varieties (Summer and Fall)             July, August and September, October

Peaches          8 varieties                                            July, August and September

Raspberries     6 varieties  (Red, Yellow, Black)         August, September, October

Apples            12 varieties                                           August thru December

Pears               6 varieties  (Asian and European)       August thru November

Kiwiberries       2 varieties                                            September, October, December

Chestnuts        1 variety                                               September

Spring Mountain Farms

4595 Interchange Road

Lehighton, PA  18235